Dream Investigation

Here is the Statistical Analysis of Dream's Runs.

Critique and Rebuttal

As of December 23, 2020, Dream hired an astrophysicist PhD to critique the original report which can be found here.

On December 30, 2020, our team responded with a rebuttal defending our methodology and critiquing the math done by the expert Dream hired.

On May 30, 2021, Dream released a statement about cheating.


Initial Data

Minecravenger and danhem

Data Verification and Further Collection

Kohru, Sizzler, Pistacium and Kowlsy

Bias Corrections


Initial Stopping Rule Correction


Code Analysis

KaptainWutax and SicksonFSJoe

Stopping Rule Correction


Paper Writing and Editing

ShadowLugia, AprilSR and others

Video Production and Graphics

Geosquare and Willz